Sunday, September 19, 2010

P Town Son

In case you were wondering....this is what my life has been consisting of:
With 2 stories due a week. My social life has declined...well only kinda, let's be honest. That's a big priority. I can no longer procrastinate school work. I am on campus ALL DAY. With constant interviews, calls, research, and then the actual writing of the story...the newsroom has become a 3rd home (after my actual apartment and the pool). Good thing everyone in the newsroom is awesome and all of us PR kids are struggling together.

On top of news a PR class, a law/media class, and a little espanol action.

and this obviously:
First meet in almost 2 weeks! Senior year is well on its way.
love these girls.
the first picture is one of our first pictures together freshmen year. oh how we've changed.

Occasionally there is time for some of this:

Check it out:
It is a cool donation site that features one project and people can donate as little as a dollar. Your credit card is not charged if the goal amount is not reached. I'm busy doing a PR campaign for it so I'm REPPIN it too. holla.

For music: Pandora is so 2009. check out
Can listen to whole cds, pretty much anything at anytime.

I'm pretty sure I think about Spain and being abroad everyday so I'm keeping the name of my blog...also just in case that really worried you.

peace & blessings