Tuesday, July 5, 2011

USA Bday Celebrations

Happy Birthday America!
Even though fugly Casey Anthony goes free...Cheers to still being the most legit country in the world.

I went home for the weekend, but came back just in time for some July 4th festivities at the Nation's Capitol. What better place, right?

My cute Grandma (vovo) from Brazil was in town and we all went up to Breckenridge for some... shopping, hiking(kinda, until we saw a large snake with a mouse in its mouth and the Menezes girls got over the whole hiking thing really fast), yummy eating, relaxing, sight-seeing, and flirting with a gallery owner and artist (even Mom participated in this activity) :)

When I got back to DC for the 4th, Alex and I hit up some of the hot spots....literally, it was 90 degrees and 100% humidity, for real. Go America.

Hello, overload of large pics.
Me and the VOV

Dad is a goob. View from Condo.

Top of the Mountain food tastes like butt.
Pretty sure I have the cutest parents ever



Matching family outfits at the Mall. yaaa American fo sho.

If you are wondering why my hand looks spotted...that's just God's gift of tattoos to me. or a loss of pigment. EITHER one works, really. 

Iwo Jima Memorial
Lessons learned from the weekend: My family is the coolest and America is rad.