Wednesday, July 28, 2010

still livin the dream

ALL the pics are from Portugal.

Although I am no longer abroad and life feels a tad lame in the states...I figured I could still blog if the occasion seemed fitting. Such as omg my life is SO SO exciting. This is one of those moments.

Portugal was never given the credit it deserves so here it is:

It was amazing. I traveled all over the country with my lovely cousin, Rafaela and had a blast with my family and new friends.Oh and the men were gorgeous. HOLLA.

Recent discoveries: Provo can be fun during the summer.
And my Mom really has enjoyed my new sense of spontaneity which consists of road trips to Vegas and California. All the love Mom.


  1. Haha suck up to mom so she continues to support your trips, huh??

  2. When is school starting again???