Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010: Best Year of My Life

Enjoy the mesh of pics from 2010.

I thought it would be cool to look back on one of the best years of my life... 2010.
I can honestly say that I have grown and learned so much in this last year and loved everything... but I am so excited for the future too.


-A year ago, I met my best friend Cassie Kopa when she decided to randomly move into our baller 334 apt. My life has never been the same since. We have had some amazing times together in a short time, but not only is she hilarious, fun, and occasionally ditzy and witty? she is so sweet and loving to everyone she meets.

Spontaneous trips to Vegas and CA are just a standard thing for us. nbd.

-I had great roomies. Which included CK, T the teezy, and tash. We had some great times together. Including an actual planned trip to Vegas. Love these girls. I guess all the swim boys living downstairs was kindaaa fun too.

-Seeing the nuggets play for my 21st finally....shout out to my boy the Birdman

-Being with my swim team. Our team mottos: "for each other" and this year, "This. Is. It." Swimming with my sister one last time after swimming together side by side for 15+ years.

-Enjoying my last year swimming for the rest of my life! Especially being with all the great girls, i will miss them!

-SPAIN/PORTUGAL. OBVIOUSLY. the highlight of the year. It is funny how even today, certain memories from those trips will pop into my head all the time and I love it/ miss it everyday. I think the coolest thing is the friends that I met there. We are all still best friends to this day and are making more memories together in provo all the time.

-I dove into my major, and I love it even more now. Working in the newsroom was a love/hate but I am grateful I had the opportunity to learn soo much. I love all the kids in PR and it has been great meeting so many new people.

-I got accepted into the Washington Seminar Program with my bff from Spain, Tessa. I cant wait for that experience!

-seeester graduated from BYU and is now tackling law school. so proud of her!

Bring it on 2011 :)


  1. UMM Thanks for almost making me cry!! But just think... we will have a longer time together being the retired swimmers!

  2. Loved this. Except I wasn't in it, betch.