Sunday, May 8, 2011

DC Chillin

Welcome to my exciting summer #2.
Interning in Washington D.C. until August with BYU's Washington Seminar Program.

Here are some fun, joyous facts: 

-I live less than a mile away and on the same street as this little house.

 -I live in a dorm room again. freshman year flashback.

-I live with one of my besties...Tessa Farnsworth. We met in Spain last summer and spend our nights in this beautiful room giggling and talking about those good ol days. The other D.C. kids make bets if we will ever separate all summer. silly goobs.

-I take the metro to work everyday with all the hardcores. aka government people. AND I have to work 10-5ish...not easy stuff people. BUT I get to see sights like this, on the daily.

-I participate in rallys outside the white house when tards like Osama are killed. holla at cha America!! It was a blast and a once in a lifetime experience.

-The nightlife here is never dull. I mean with alllll the Georgetown boys wearing way too short khaki shorts and pink polos...a good time always awaits.

I guess I can't complain that I'm still livin the dream as an unpaid intern.


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  1. Miiisss youuuu!!!! Looks fun.....start planning our NYC trip!