Monday, May 17, 2010

I may never leave...

So it has been two and half weeks of living here in Spain...and I have honestly loved every minute. The crew, the Spanish people, traveling, Blanca, and even kinda school..kinda. I'm sorry family and friends, but I don't ever want to leave.
Last Friday we traveled to Avila and Segovia which were beautiful, like everything here. But, it was freezing. I rocked my swimming jacket (BYU swim team is well represented here, HOLLA) but I was dying. Thus, but the end of the trip all of us wanted to get the heck out. Then saturday it was la festival de San Isidro in Madrid so we went to Madrid all day. Which we basically do everyday anyway. They had a big flee market type thing, music, and food everywhere. These people know how to party fo sho.
This week we have a five-day weekend trip to Granada, Sevilla, and Cordoba. No big deal.

Some funny memories, jokes, or common happenings: *hammer pants, it's always hammer time *the crew, either fab four, sexy six, or elite eight. *we love churros con chocolate...only at maestro churro. *Madrid everyday all day *spanglish is always best. *sleeping in church *sleeping on the metro *being slap happy/crazy every night around 7ish...especially me. *PANDA WATCH *Spider hands *Beating up on Dan...too soon? *That's what she said jokes with the pinky finger up *Me gusta *Speaking like a gringo *dibs *your team/my team game *study abroad couples...which are against the rules, recently stated by Profe Williams. *"when in doubt, take pictures of the pain" *old spanish men *nuns *chillin at the Pinta or Mushka *Jav's deep questions and talks *Hiding food in the napkin or pouring it into a bag to hide it from your host fam *The dreaded group tours.
* Always chocolate/candy...always.
*Chino stores.
*Buying skirts from Zara.
*We have band concert..Tenemos Banda!!
*Euros=dollars. duh.
*one week here=a year in real life.
*Penguin huddle.


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