Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vale Vale Vale

Sevilla and Granada may have stolen the prize as the prettiest place away from Toledo. It's a pretty tough competition. It was an amazing trip..besides the countless cathedrals that we all get sick of. If I see another one...I might barf. What I love are all the beautiful views, just walking on the cobblestone streets, or enjoying a paella lunch outside with the crew.

The Alhambra is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It is an old palace full of gorgeous gardens. I can't even describe it and pictures don't do it justice, so just go there someday.

After 3 nights of basically no sleep and all play, we are back in our little home in Alcala. Only when I walk the streets by myself, it actually hits me where I am. I still can't believe sometimes. I only have three weeks left and we are all determined to live it up as much as possible.

We also saw flamenco dancing in Sevilla. So cool, the Spanish dancer captured all our hearts..duh. These are the infamous HAMMER pants. It's a big deal in Spain. so obviously we have to fit in. Ok yesterday we all went to the Parque de Retiro to row boats. As always, a fight broke out between us girls and the guys full of splashing and stealing paddles. But, the champion, Jen jumped in the lake! The entire lake, everyone sitting outside on the grass a.k.a. half of Spain were all laughing and clapping for us. It was hilarious. Top five moment here...along with Blanca yelling at me, We have Band concert, and Dan getting pissed on the daily.
living and loving every moment. <3

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