Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I have officially lived in DC (also recently known as tha district) for 1 month. I have to say that it has been a bit of an adjustment with the whole work thing and city life, but this past weekend couldn't have been better. I had a blasty blast. Alex (also known as Alexa when with just the girls) had a friend in town for the weekend and we all had a great time over the long weekend.

Memorial Day weekend=almost the whole city leaves for the beach.

But they miss out on....

The Memorial Day Concert (B.B. King, Kris Allen, some actors. AND a lot of AMERICAN pride)

Kayaking down the Potomac....

Laying out by the Comfort Inn hotel pool that the boys kindly let us use. It was a pretty classy place.
Hanging out with old friends (one of my best friends from growing up, Emily, is interning out here as well and I hadn't seen her in 4 years) at Jazz in the Park

Or just strolling down Georgetown and going to our look out spot.

It was a much needed weekend. Thanks DC, America, and all those veterans.

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  1. Cute hat!!! I'm jealous... looks like so much fun!